TriUnity Law Group LLC

Law • Business • Technology

Attorneys Wendy Rieder and Mike Rivard founded TriUnity to apply their legal, business, and technology expertise to bring insightful legal services to life sciences companies.

We started TriUnity Law Group to address the unique mix of legal, business, and technology issues that emerging life sciences companies face. We began our careers in top law firms and have spent 20+ years in senior management positions in life sciences companies.


Unlike most attorneys, we have held both legal and business roles, giving us a different perspective on balancing legal issues with business needs. We have strong scientific backgrounds that enable us to understand our clients’ underlying technologies. We know how to communicate effectively with lawyers, business people and scientists alike.


Our goal is to seamlessly integrate law, business, and technology to provide insight, solve problems, and deliver exceptional value. The name TriUnity reflects the “three-in-one” perspective we bring to our clients. This is the TriUnity Advantage.